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Be a real fucking artist and shoot on film. Then use HELMUT to digitize it. You won't be able to count your likes on Facebook. Seriously.

HELMUT is an Android app that transforms your smartphone into a photo film scanner. An award winning solution, approved by Lomography.

Roskilde 2013
Roskilde Festival

Just look at this fat paperback festival guide. Where's your goddamn environmental awarenesses? And you're not sober enough to locate a damn toilet on the map anyway.

We're proud to be the pioneers of Augmented Reality solutions for festivals in Denmark. Find all the bars, food/coffee shops, showers, WiFi areas, and many other placemarks just by swinging the phone around you!

Vilniaus Žalgiris
VMFD Žalgiris

The Champions have chosen us to develop their official app. Stats, players' profiles, galleries, fixtures. All that awesomeness in your pocket.

But the sweetest thing about the app is that it broadcasts all the matches live. That's right. Your life's just got a new direction. You'll never have a boring corporate meeting on a matchday again.

S Magazine

S is all about art, curves and freedom. Our favourite magazine and the hershy kiss project.

We have developed an Android app handling the submissions for S. The app itself is a real piece of art. Be a doll and give it a try.


We've teamed up with Kulturstyrelsen (Denmark's Agency for Culture) to develop a digital layer on Denmark's cultural heritage.

Kulturarv is an Augmented Reality app rendering info on buildings around you. Just point your phone towards them and see the digital tags real-time. The app is so badass that we were invited to showcase it for European Commission in Luxembourg! Oh, and it's open source.

Recent Clients
The development of GIS solution Tast selv-service at NaturErhvervstyrelsen. We've been coding efficient spatial methods in PL/SQL to improve the data quality of Denmark's landskabselements and markbloks on NaturErhvervstyrelsen's Oracle instances.
LE34 A/S
We've promptly helped LE34 cope with their Android app development when they've had too many parallel projects. Henrik Kaltoft, Business Unit Director says: "The guys at CodeUnited are very agile and best in class developers. It’s a joy to have them working for us, thus their general skills, very high working moral and their ability to gain knowledge fast."
Vivino ApS
We've been porting your favorite wine app to a Tizen-based Samsung Gear Smartwatch 2. Yes, that's right. From now on, you'll be able to scan a wine using a watch. How cool is that?
Københavns Universitet
Our Alma mater had hired us to implemented a course & project management system for their staff and students. We've done the whole thingy from back- to a responsive frontend.
Other Projects
A pair of tools for professional photographers: an Android app that stores EXIF values on-the-go while shooting, and a desktop utility that infuses data from the app to the developed film scans. Get it free on Google Play.
Indoor Navigation
We have implemented a novel indoor navigation system prototype for DR Koncerthuset. It runs on Android devices and projects 3D furniture real-time in an augmented view inside their rental halls.
Us in Media
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