We're a band of software engineers from Copenhagen. We build apps, augmented reality solutions and creative tools for photographers.
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HELMUT Film Scanner


transforms your phone into a photographic film scanner

The app scans your photographic film rolls. No format restrictions, nor any additional hardware requirements. Enjoy the classic image adjustment tools (Levels, Color Balance, Hue Saturation, Unsharp Mask, etc.) while tweaking the scan right on your phone.

  • Android
  • Photography
  • Analogue
  • Image Processing
  • Film Scan

Roskilde 2013

is the first ever augmented reality app created for the legendary festival

Roskilde Festival 2013 by Kristian Mollenborg

We're proud to be pioneers of augmented reality solutions for festivals in Denmark. The app is developed in a cooperation with organizers of Roskilde Festival.

Find all the bars, food/coffee shops, showers, wi-fi areas, and many other placemarks through an augmented view. Every stage is represented with a detailed schedule, Twitter-powered chat, and even a set of pictures taken by artists behind the scenes!

  • Android
  • Augmented Reality
  • GIS
  • Roskilde Festival
  • Layar


is a tool for professional photographers

It comes as a pair of programs: an Android app that stores EXIF values on-the-go while shooting, and a desktop utility that infuses data from the app to the developed film scans.


guides you through Denmark's cultural heritage

Kulturarv app

Open-source augmented reality app on Android developed in a cooperation with Danish Agency for Culture (Kulturstyrelsen). Kulturarv renders Denmark's protected and preservation-worthy buildings in the augmented view of a phone.

Discover interesting buildings around you without even looking into a map – just point your phone towards them and see the digital tags real-time. Explore images from Flickr or Instagram taken around such objects, or read an article from Wikipedia about the place you're in.

  • Android
  • Augmented Reality
  • GIS
  • Cultural Heritage



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CodeUnited is a software company enjoying principles of zero friction development. We simply get things done. And always on time.

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